I am interested in representing one kind of material with another and exploring the transformation. I take inspiration from things organic and less permanent making them into something more durable and functional.

The "Turnware" vases are an homage to the woodworker's craft of turning wood on a lathe.
I am intrigued by the unusual matches of tops and bottoms. All "Turnware" pieces are handthrown on the wheel. The "Woodware" plates, bowls, salts and platters are handbuilt and handpainted.

All pieces in both lines are one of a kind mid/high fire stoneware. Patterns & forms are repeated but each is individually handmade and no two are identical.

I maintain a small, changing inventory of work which can be shipped immediately. If a particular piece is out of stock it will require
4-6 weeks to be delivered. Please use the contact page to inquire about price, availability, and estimated delivery time.